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What’s the difference between Life is Messy Bootcamp + Life is Messy Planners?

Well, the Life is Messy Planners came first. The original idea sparked in 2010 when I was in desperate need of a system that didn’t make me yawn or worse, feel slaved. I simplified an often over complicated process + made organization fun (ahem ahem cuz I did) + delightful to the eye. Amen! They are specially designed for over-achievers + self-motivated folks, who like to see things down + done with little to no guidance.

For those who need a bit more no-guesswork structure + serious cheerleading pixie + accountability, I recommend going PRO with Life is Messy Bootcamp. Life is Messy Bootcamp is the King Kong on steroids version of the program, crafted to remove what-the-hell-should-I-do-next from the equation. It includes everything I know + use + teach to create a life less suited for Martha Stewart + more suited for the the way you wanna live.

Who is this course perfect for?

A creator. An innovator. I can literally see this supernova in my dreams: Girl with more ideas than she could ever fit inside a Moleskin with a burning desire to make a difference, but doesn’t want to be strapped to a calendar. Sometimes thou, typically on Mondays she lacks the confidence + willpower + rock-n-roll steps to follow through. Her creativity + passion is there no question, but it seems that every time she attempts to to something grand stuff gets in the way. Is that you Pinky? Need a hand with the gremlins?

Who is this course NOT for?

Lawyers (sorry Mom) + sailors + accountants + super villains + parents of super villains + bankers + most certainly not for people who don’t dig Harry Potter.

Does Life is Messy Bootcamp come with the Life is Messy Planners?

You betsha. Life is Messy Bootcamp comes with E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G + then more.

Where does the Life is Messy Bootcamp take place?

The course is staged online, so you can access the information any time you like + learn at your own pace.

While I’ve re-structured Life is Messy Bootcamp to be a cohesive group adventure with scheduled tours + seasonal challenges, you’re totally welcome to camp solo + take a nap whenever you damn want to. The course provides a clear structure for those who need more support + accountability without the crappy sensation you are falling behind.

What do I need to participate in Life is Messy Bootcamp?

You will need a computer + Internet access + ability to watch online videos + view PDFs + an ideally a color printer to print out the illustrated funsheets for maximum creative inspiration.

We’ll also be doing various creative activities, so be ready to bring along your favorite creative instruments for the ride.

Will there be a Life is Messy Bootcamp leader facilitating the program?

While the DNA of this program is not set up as a 1-on-1 jam, I will be actively answering questions + providing feedback + sharing personal anecdotes that will make you giggle, sometimes even cry, that I could never ever in a million years share in public.

You will also be able to hangout + collaborate + have virtual limoncello shots with everyone who is going through the course with you + alumni. That’s what I call family!

When does the course start + end?

Life is Messy Planners ship immediately after purchase. An all new session of Life is Messy Bootcamp starts January 28, 2015. You are welcome to join now + take the course at your own pace and/or join us in January when we run the program again from the top while holding hands. The course ends December 31, 2015 but only to make room for the 2016 Edition, which all Bootcampers get for FREE!!!

When does registration close?

I like to keep the shopping cart open for as long as I can without affecting the flow of the program or over-crowding the HQ. I will give a 3-day notice to blog subscribers + announce it on my social media networks before closing the doors to be fair.

Will the price remain the same?

Unfortunately, I cannot fix my rates. Prices can change at any time without previous notice as the program evolves + cool new features get added.

How do I pay?

For your convenience, transactions are handled via PayPal + Stripe, the most reliable + secure platforms to handle payments online.

What are some of the cool new features?

The biggest + most amazing new addition is the lifetime access. Know what that means? No saving things to your computer + forgetting where the heck you put em’ in the first place. No yearly fees to renew your membership. No catch or having to name your first born Mayi to get perpetual access to all new versions + revamps + my favorite part, the LIVE quarterly coaching calls with Mayi (that’s me) + friends (that’s you). You in?

What else? I’ve: (a) Re-freshed the lessons with fun new videos you’ll actually wanna watch. Goodbye PowerPoint boring-tations. (b) Added written manuscripts to scan in a flash + conquer. (c) Completely re-designed all the printables + made em’ interactive so you can give your calligraphy a break, sometimes. (d) Illustrated the cutest graphics to accompany every single class. You’re bound to smile. (e) Introduced group challenges + scheduled mini courses we can do together for maximum performance + results. (f) Matched lessons with exercises + exercises with funsheets. Expect some major grem-ass kicking!

How do I use + organized my Life is Messy Planners?

For best results, I recommend printing your planners on 8.5 x 11 inch paper or card stock + to set your printer to fit the entire image to avoid cropping. For your visual delights, I suggest using a color printer + artistic writing utensils to jot it all down.

Now, to keep your sheets tidy, you can create your very own organizational binder + divide your sections with colorful labels. You can also pin your sheets to your bulletin board + fridge or cork mural, whatever suits your lifestyle. Just have fun with it.

Is there a Facebook group?

Oh yes there is. The group is for current Life is Messy Bootcamp participants only. I’m really committed to creating an environment where everyone taking the course feels safe + nourishing a community that embraces + supports each other. Requests are processed by hand to confirm enrollment, so please allow a 48 hours approval window. If you suspect somehow that your solicitation was eaten by electronic gremlins, please send me a message. I would never intentionally want to keep you out of the party.

Is there a hashtag to share my progress?

Yeap. It’s #lifeismessy. Use it anytime.

Any chances you will make this program in Spanish, por favor?

It would be cool, but it’s not on the top of my to-do list right now.

Will you ever consider selling the bonuses individually?

I like to be as flexible + accommodating as I can, but for the time being it feels right to keep the bonuses exclusive for da fam only.

Will there be more lessons in the future?

The plan is to add more lessons based on student feedback + demand. As more lessons are added, the price will also increase. Sign up now + you’ll not only get to vote on these lessons, but you’ll also have free-and-forever access to the new materials.


Why is Life is Messy Bootcamp so expensive?

If your first hesitation is money, then this course is definitively not a right fit, and that’s okay. I honestly believe this program is a steal filled with tools that will ultimately save you time + dead ends + money. This is a career investment. Heck a life investment. You deserve a business + life that you love so so much. How much is that worth to you? If this is not a priority for you right now, then please don’t gimme your money.

I can’t decide between the Life is Messy Planners + the Life is Messy Bootcamp. Can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade hassle free. Life is Messy Planner-holders will receive a special coupon code with purchase to upgrade at any time. I like to take care of my Life is Messy family like that.

I’ve joined other programs + they didn’t do anything for me. How can you be sure I’ll follow through?

Ok, here’s the thing, if you except a program to magically solve all your problems, then this course is not for you.

Programs like these can’t do anything for you if you don’t use the course material + make it work for you.

Now, Life is Messy Bootcamp was carefully crafted to help you beat your mind gremlins + other devilish resistance + whip you into action gear + I’m not just talking about willpower. So, if you follow my lead, I guarantee you’ll win + by default I will too. Because you see, your success is directly linked to mine. On the flip side of that, if you don’t follow though, you not only hurt yourself, but you hurt me too – I lose a client I treasure + I lose a testimonial + I lose your trust + I lose your unique contribution + l lose everything. So, it’s in my best interest to do everything in my power to see you on top of your Mount Everest.

I’m currently not a business owner, but I love your creative tips + empowering advice. I’d like to know if the course would benefit a non-business owner?

This program can help any individual get organized + set goals + stay motivated. I’ve personally been using the organizational tools I teach here since as long as I can remember, even before I began my online business.

My husband, just to give you an example, uses the Resolution Tracker to record his surfing sessions + keep track of his progress. So, I’m confident this course can empower people all across the board who need a little more structure + accountability + organization in their lives.

I will say this however, that the course material was created with entrepreneurs in mind + assumes that you have a business or aspire to have one. I give step-by-step guideposts to create products that sell + build a raving fan base + set up your signature correspondence + blog with purpose. So if you don’t have a business but feel incredibly excited of the potential to have one + are willing to work extra hard to get your biz up + running, then come on board!

I don’t know English very well, can I still benefit from taking this course?

The course is in English, but as you know very well (probably due to my typos + funny accent) English is not even my first language, so I keep things pretty simple, just as I do on my blog. If you’re able to follow most of my videos + articles, then you’ll definitively dig this program.

I also provide a written summery of the main points, which I’ve found most people (native English speakers + non-native English speakers) really appreciate + find helpful.

I hope to be able to offer this course in Spanish + Portuguese in the near future.

What if I couldn’t use the planners or finish the program? Can I get my money back?

Due to the nature of these products, purchases are non refundable. If you’re unsure about anything please feel free to contact me before purchasing.


Help, I can’t pay. What can I do?

Please don’t panic. I’ll help you figure this out! Before anything else, try using a different browser + errasing caches + cookies + trying again. Please give these a try + let me know how it goes. If you’re still running into trouble you can always send payment directly to my PayPal account at mayicarles@gmail.com with the subject line Life is Messy Bootcamp o Life is Messy Planners (whichever you’re purchasing) + I’ll sort everything out manually in a hot flash for you.

Trying to use my coupon code + it’s not working?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. First, make sure you’re entering the correct code (duh! but I do it all the time, so thought I’d mention it just in case) + clicking the enter button. Next, erase caches on your browser so you’re avoiding any glitches that past codes may be causing. Last, double check that the code you’re using hasn’t expired. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to e-mail me. I’m always happy to sort things out on a case to case basis.

I just purchased + didn’t receive my download. Can you help?

First, check your SPAM folder. If you still can’t find an e-mail from me, please e-mail me.


I love the Life is Messy website, did you designed it yourself?

Aw thank you. I design the layout of the site + personally hand-illustrate all the whimsical illustrations you see here, but the real genius that pieced it all together is Lindsay McGuire. She’s the coder + technical mastermind behind this project. This entire platform is filled with technical complexities, not to mention an excessive amount of custom requirements to make your experience in this site one to remember. I could have never handled it on my own. I still pinch myself when I see the final product.

Who took those stunning photos?

I know, I love my photos more than granny’s Egg Nog + you can freaking bet that’s a whole lot. Marcela Macias is my Photo Fairy Godmother. To say I don’t picture ever letting anyone else take my pictures would be an understatement. Cannot recommend her enough.

You’re promo video is fabulous. Who did you work with?

I feel so ridiculously lucky to call Sarah Tyler my mini movie director. So honored + blessed to have collaborated with her on this project.

Who did your animation?

Arturo de la Guardia from Flan De La Casa. I know, he’s a genius.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Me, of course. I’m at your service. Please send your questions via e-mail to mayicarles@gmail.com + I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If I send you an interesting question will you add it to this FAQ list?

Sure. Tackle me with your question baby! Send it to mayicarles@gmail.com.

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